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Darlena's Fail Kitchen

Not everyone is an ace in the kitchen. Walking, talking pinterest fails, every week.

Most recent Fail Kitchen: Eggs in a basket

Most popular Fail Kitchen: Swirmy Jelly Worms

This is most popular for a reason. It's gross from start to finish, cups and straws don't fit, my kids are squicked out, and I'm stuck trying to squeeze half-gelled gelatin out of bendy straws with my hands.

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A blog for parents and feminists who aren't perfect, but try.

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Don't Need an Excuse


Body positivity is more important than body policing. Eyes on your own paper. We've got a lot of good excuses over here. They're called reality.

A tumblr project in reaction to Maria Kang's "What is your excuse?" campaign. Based on this rebuttal.