By Darlena Cunha

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My daughter’s night terrors are my nightmares

The piercing scream wakes me up from a dead sleep. As I stumble down the hallway, bumping into walls to get to my child as quickly as possible, I hear the next phase already beginning.

"No. You can’t have her. Leave me alone. Stop. STOP."

The Washington Post

FASHION DARE: I Wore A Scrunchie For A Week

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Trapped into selling magazines door-to-door

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Magazine crews wouldn’t be able to exist at all if it weren’t for the sprawling, haphazard way subscriptions are bought and sold. Magazine circulation is a huge industry whose umbrella covers a multitude of businesses, and hardly any of them talk to one another. They act like cogs, each doing its own part in a time-tested machine.

The Atlantic

Men are to blame for the high divorce rate among America’s poor

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The Washington Post


Americans Are Crowdfunding Health Care. They Shouldn’t Have To.

Health care costs are the No. 1 cause of bankruptcy in the United States

Would you ask Internet strangers for financial help if it meant saving your child?


With medicine more advanced than ever, why does there seem to be a new epidemic of chronic pain?

While suffering from chronic pain is not new, what has changed in our society is how we deal with the treatment of such pain. According to Penny Cowan from the American Chronic Pain Association, 35 years ago there were multiple interdisciplinary pain programs to help patients with both named and unnamed chronic conditions not only medicate, but also treat and manage their pain through diet, lifestyle choices, and education.


Viral Stories

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What happened when I drove my Mercedes to pick up food stamps

Washington Post

Ferguson: In defense of rioting


When bosses discriminate against pregnant women

The Atlantic

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