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By Darlena Cunha

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With medicine more advanced than ever, why does there seem to be a new epidemic of chronic pain?

The Atlantic

Trapped into selling magazines door-to-door

When bosses discriminate against pregnant women

The hidden costs of overseas surrogacy

Atlas Obscura

Swamp Ponies: The Sixteenth Century Spanish Horses Still Driving Florida’s Cattle

A condensed history of quarantine’s success and failure

The Daily Worth

I achieved the American dream, and it was awful

Dame Magazine

Have you heard the yarn about breast implants?

I couldn’t afford to lean in

LA Review of Books

The Sordid Double Life of Big Ears Teddy


Sylvia Plath installs a shower caddy


14-step plan to parenting your toddler

Mommy math problems

Ten household items kids can use as toys

Ms. Magazine

The privilege of Christmas carols


Fashion Dare: I wore a scrunchie for a week

Hey, Restaurants, Can you Please Stop Calling your Menu Items Skinny?

The New York Times

There’s Cancer in my Future. How am I supposed to feel?

Nowhere Magazine

The lounge

Pank Magazine

Review: The Half Life of Molly Pierce Review

The Penny Hoarder

The ultimate guide to owning an ebay store


Job Hunting While Hungry


Don’t like minimum wage increases? Be mad at the top earners

Americans Are Crowdfunding Health Care. They Shouldn’t Have To.

Social media is helping moms win the war over public breastfeeding

Sorry, Gwyneth Paltrow, Poverty Tourism is Gross

I Left My Kids With a Babysitter to Go to a Job Interview And Came Home to Find Them Hungry, Naked, and Locked Up

What It’s Like to Live in Poor Door Housing

Why drug testing welfare recipients is a waste of taxpayer money

What happens when we stop testing and start teaching

Corporate Egg Freezing is a benefit, not a mandate

Ferguson: In defense of rioting

Businesses should treat transgender policies as good business in 2015

Social media is helping moms win the war over public breastfeeding


Want to go viral? It’ll take a lot more work than you think

The Washington Post

On Health

My daughter’s night terrors are my nightmares

For women with endometriosis, answers are few

The flu is more dangerous than you think

On Parenting

Businesses and breastfeeding

A tale of two maternity leaves

Of birth plans and c-sections: Let’s give ourselves a break

Kids come to school sick because we can’t stay home from work

Let’s get rid of third-party fundraisers

The problem with FCKH8 videos has nothing to do with swearing

My child’s world is defined by anxiety

Holiday regifting experiment with my kids this year


I’m grocery shopping all wrong

Post Everything

Men are to blame for high divorce rates among the poor

How Gwyneth Paltrow hurt America’s poor and hungry

This is what happened when I drove my Mercedes to the WIC office

I fed my newborns formula to keep them alive and I still felt guilty about it

The complicated logic of freezing your eggs

I’m a diehard liberal and it ruined my parenting

How my bank uses hidden fees to exploit me

This year let’s stop telling women to stay safe and tell men not to assault us

Local Stories

The history of Capoeira

Women taking martial arts by storm

Have you heard the yarn about breast implants?

Summer program provides free food for kids

Why I wrote the Mercedes article

HAARTS program helping pets

Workers boat to site

Local vet helps homeless care for their pets

Mother films educational series

Mold affects your health

Sea oats preserving coast lines

The Gainesville Sun

Are coyotes to blame for missing cats?

Stem cell research helps pets with arthritis

Students taste test lunches

New lunch monitors televise nutrition

Give to local charities this year

Non-profit organization helps people live

Little known scholarship gives women a career boost

Lice infestation in county schools

UF teaches young students about the good life

Scientists try to save humble turtles

Locally grown veggies part of school lunches

Buccholz High School student overcomes rare disease to graduate